Monday, April 24, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

So much happening in the Bubble Sphere. Tough to choose.

Condo Reversions? These are condo conversions that have reverted back to rental units. The developers must be getting crushed here. Mish reports about Condo Reversions in Florida. "There is no longer any doubt that Florida is ground zero of the bubble bust. The only debate is how quickly the mess spreads." Hurricane season begins about 5 weeks. The housing market is a disaster down in the 'tropical paradise'.

Economicrot hits 25,000 page views. Lots of terrific information about macroeconomic trends that are occurring. Check it out.

Calculated Risk has an informative post about California Construction Jobs. Super Blog. :-)

Angry Bear has a short but sweet post Oil Price Over Time in Real Terms.

Don't forget about the other local DC area housing blogs. DC Bubble, The Housing Bubble in Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia Bubble.

Seattle Bubble has post about a an email he received from an owner of a real estate website titled Some Kinda Email. Good read.

Bill Fleckenstein writes The housing bubble has popped in his column called Contrarian Chronicles. Solid.

P.S. This week is expected to be another very busy week in the BubbleSphere.


  1. This weekend the "there is no housing bubble" blog disappeared. No warning, just gone. Sad cuz it was funny.

  2. With all the hits I received today, I thought my counter was going to break... Thanks for the plug David.