Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tulips From Amsterdam

"When it's Spring again, I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam"

- Tulips from Amsterdam (song)


  1. This post is supposed to be about the housing bubble and Tulipmania. How the developers and condo people want another spring mania where houses are sold Tulips

  2. Yes this has become like the infamous tulip mania way back when in Amsterdam.

  3. Just passing by and gave this blog a look as I live in the center of the housing bubble, SF Mid Pen Area. No sign of the bubble bursting yet, just a topping out of prices and some increase of time on market. Interesting to watch as we don't have any dogs in this fight.
    Don't plan any spring trips out here now, we are having a very wet spring. 20 some days of march were wet and apr predictions are for the same so far. Wonder how the wet weather will affect the market.