Sunday, April 30, 2006

New National Association of Realtor's Blog

The National Association of Realtors now has their very own blog. Hat tip to NYTimes WalkThrough Blog for finding the blog.

Now, the NAR can blog just like the bloggers in the BubbleSphere.

NAR reserves the right to edit, remove or deny access to individuals or content that it determines to be unacceptable, including, but not limited to, any abusive, profane, rude, defamatory, or anonymous comments
I wonder if the blog will allow non anonymous users to post bubblicious comments. Anyone want to try?


  1. Does this mean that we bloggers have hurt the NAR enough for them to take notice and start their own blog? Power to the people, baby!

  2. I notice that they have trackbacks enabled; perhaps you should post a blog entry for each one of theirs and it will show up under trackbacks for each one of their entries.

  3. "Well, I just tried commenting on their blog, and they are approving all comments. What a surpise. "


  4. I didn't see any comments. How do you access them? I am somewhat computer challenged.

  5. click on the bottom of the post where it says Comments and you can read them