Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Achieving Excellence Conference

In the mail, I received a complimentary invitation to the Achieving Excellence Conference. "Because you were referred to me, I wanted to personally invite you as my VIP guest to hear Joe Theismann, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback ..." Reed West is the president of the financial conference.

"At this once in a lifetime financial conference you will learn how to: 1. Regularly buy real estate for 31% - 57% below value. ..... 5. Retire in 2 to 5 years with an additional cash flow of 9,100 a month"

A sucker is born every minute. It might be interesting to attend.


  1. Only if they are serving fancy mixed drinks and nibbles, like the condo parties.

  2. Say, that looks stunningly similar to the Millionare Conference... I wonder if there's a connection... nah.

  3. Agreed, the overwhelming majority, if not all, of these conferences are full of crap (euphimism). There is no such thing as some formula for making easy money. That type of endeavor is usually a full time endeavor in and of itself otherwise one can't compete with those who are playing to win at it--not hobbyists.


  4. The only one who will make money is Joe Theismann and the promotors of this "Achieving Excellence Conference".

  5. I got one of those about a week ago.

    Eric in DC

  6. I received one about a week ago; threw it in the trash, and never thought about it again until now.

    Looking back, I clearly would have been better off if I had scanned it, posted it to the web, and attempted to mock it online. David has all the great ideas.


  7. Hey! I got one of those too. Seats 24 & 25. See y'all there.

  8. I wonder how much of DC recieved an invite.

    "Looking back, I clearly would have been better off if I had scanned it, posted it to the web, and attempted to mock it online. David has all the great ideas"

    Thanks. :-) LOL!

  9. I got one of those too. I actually thought of scanning it and emailing it to bloggers who might want to post it, but I quickly decided it wasn't worth my time. I've gotten those types of letters from the same company several times in the past as well.

    I also occasionally get invitations to investment seminars for senior citizens. I'm 35 years old.

  10. Funny I got one of these ads in 1979... went... learned... and 6 years later I retired at age 46 to a 2 - 5 hour work week with income in the top 10% bracket.

    BUT... one must understand with only a high school education I was not qualified or suited to a corporate or Gov't debt lifestyle career. No, I was more suited to getting things done right rather than discussions.

    And nothing has changed results wise for 9 of 10 employees...
    except a two member working family beleaving the same stuff. Interesting, 9 of 10 employees still retire broke after age 68.