Monday, May 01, 2006

New Gallup Poll on Housing Market

Gallup is reporting thats its polling shows that Confidence in Housing Market Dips.

"The volume of U.S. home sales is near the record high seen in 2005, but Americans are much less confident today than they were a year ago about the advisability of buying real estate. Just 52% of Americans say now is a good time to buy a house, down from 71% last April and 81% in 2003. Residents of the East and West are especially likely to consider it a bad time to purchase a new home."
Lots more valuable information in the report. Check it out. Perceptions are changing.


  1. Notice that from the center point of the top graph, there are 4 years from center to end and to the left, there are something like 24 years. This completely distorts the shape of the curve which, presumably, would have a long, lazy slope up to the peak, and then a relatively precipitous drop.

    Given that it is a graph and graphs are supposed to tell a story, pictorially, in a blink, I think this is unconscionable.

  2. I did not even notice. Good catch. :-)

  3. I re-graphed their data. You can go ahead and take the new graphic if you want.

    Marin Real Estate Bubble

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  5. If anyone cares to contact Lydia regarding her "interpretation" of the facts, her contact info is here:

    Lydia K. Saad
    Senior Editor, The Gallup Poll
    502 Carnegie Center, Suite 300
    Princeton, NJ 08540
    (609) 924-9600

  6. Check out today's wash. post. Front page below the fold. Inventory explosion.