Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bubble Places: Pahrump, Nevada

Ever heard of Pahrump, NV? I thought not. Well, if you are Las Vages real estate person or housing bubble follower you might have.

What is the significance of Pahrump, Nevada in relationship to the housing bubble?

It is a place literally located in a largely undeveloped desert valley that is being turned into a bedroom community of Las Vegas. Housing prices have skyrocketed. It is a fascinating place to follow the housing bubble.

Where is Pahrump, Nevada?

Pahrump, NV is located about 64 miles west of Las Vegas. It is in a large desert valley. Check out the Google Map image of Pahrump.

Can I see some pictures?

Highway 160 running Through Pahrump

Calvada Eye

Downtown Pahrump

Junk in Pahrump

What is happening in the local real estate market?

Check out this Pahrump Real Estate site .

There will be more bubble places featured in the future. Stay tuned.


  1. speculation has no boundries- neither does greed. In the end however they both come crashing to the ground in a fiery finale.

  2. Hehehe...

    I haven't been through Pahrump in a few years. Glad to know it's looking as good as ever.

    Almost makes me want to buy some swampland in Florida.

    Where's all the water for all these LV refugees going to come from I wonder?

  3. Pahrump is the home of Art Bell, that "alien conspiracy" talk-show host. So fitting!