Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Next Four Months

Here is how I expect things to happen in the next four months:

  • Short Term Interest = Small Increase
  • 30 Year Fixed Mortgages = Small Increase
  • Foreclosures = Small Increase
  • Lending Standards = Small Increase
  • Gasoline Prices = Small Increase
  • Bubble Cheerleading = Small Decrease
  • Housing Inventory = Large Increase ( added)
  • Housing Prices = Small Decrease
  • Flipper's Happiness = Large Decrease


  1. My predictions are pretty much the same, except...

    30 Year Fixed Mortgages = Small Decrease
    Gasoline Prices = Large Increase
    Housing Inventory = Large Increase

  2. Gasoline in Connecticut near 3 bucks a gallon- and rising- overall it may peak at $3.50- and fall, overall I do not see any decrease in prices.

    Also since you did not mention housing inventory- I believe we should see a fair amount of rise.

  3. I paid $3.19 a gallon in California already. :(

    I don't think it will peak before $4-5.

  4. Can you clarify what you mean by small and large?

    Is small less than 5% change or 10% or 20%?

    Is large 50% or 80%?

  5. Good point. I can't give a percentage to each thing because some things are not qauntifiable ( lending standards). More to come later.