Monday, February 27, 2006

Aerial Mapping Article

The NAR has an article about aerial mapping. Check it out as it is worth the read. Here is an excerpt:

"One drawback of moving towards aerial real estate mapping in online listings is that you get the good along with the bad. Aerial mapping not only showcases the good features of the property and surrounding neighborhoods, they also can bring to light some negative factors that may turn off potential buyers. You can't hide the location of a hazardous waste site or erase the existence of power lines or cellular towers in aerial real estate maps."

Oh no. The buyer may actually have more infomation and see the bad. Oh the tragedy! I can just hear it now "I just lost another sale to the information super highway." (like the commercial)


  1. That should go over really well here in NJ... where there are 3 superfund sites within 10 miles of where I live.

    Too bad the maps wont show people moving from NYC for a "good" deal where the projects are, that there's a contanaminated bay, or where the motorcycle gangs hang out..

  2. This only goes to show the dishonesty in the industry.

    Marin Real Estate Bubble

  3. before the aerial maps, I used to pass every address through google earth and still do prior to visiting a property. One warning: these maps can be hidiously out of date. My own property map is 3 years out of date.

  4. F@#$ nar. Information is power. Pretty soon society is going to realize we don't need so many RE agents. They add no value.