Thursday, February 02, 2006

ZipRealty's New Features

ZipRealty has implemented a bunch of new features that make it easier to search the real estate listings. ZipRealty has this webpage listing the new features. Here are my two favorite new features:

  • Find Homes that have had Recent Price Reductions: "This is a great way to uncover homes where the seller may be more motivated and/or that may not have been presented in your original search results. You can find out which homes have published price reductions since they've been listed on the MLS. You can either search specifically for price-reduced homes or you can simply continue to browse all homes for sale. Any home price reductions will be automatically displayed on the home information page."
  • Enhanced Interactive Map Search: "We have improved the functionality of our interactive map home search. Now, not only can you draw a box on the map to indicate where you would like to search, but you can also see pop-up descriptions that allow you to view home details directly on the map. To use this new functionality, visit the "Interactive Map" tab on your MyZipRealty page."
ZipRealty is working hard at improving their site. It is a wonderful resource. Highly recommended.


  1. The new price reduction feature on the ziprealty site is a major step forward in terms of transparency in the housing market. However, it doesn't capture that old realty trick of relisting a dog property with a new MLS number

  2. One other time saving feature: Once you locate a listing of interest you find out where it is and if it still looks good, I use google earth to see what's around it. Ziprealty has a handy little button that does just that. You can quickly see if you are backed up against comercial property or on a canyon rim.