Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Condo Listings at 1602 Isherwood Street NE

Joe O'Hara has new listings for two condo units located at 1602 Isherwood Street NE. Joe was the realtor who sold the property located at 1228 Walter Street SE. Joe has commented on this blog a few times.

1602 Isherwood St NE Unit #4 (267.9K)
1602 Isherwood St NE Unit #1 (259.9K)

Both of these units are 1br 1 ba have 750+ sq. feet. "Spacious condo in recently completed multi-unit row house in developing Northeast Capitol Hill neighborhood. This lovely unit on the first floor features a large living room, nice size bedroom, galley kitchen, and 2 offices/dens. The condo has been completed updated with original hardwood floors restored to perfection. Close to Metro and major bus lines. A great opportunity for first-time homeowners. Low condo fee of $165 per month. " There is an open house today ( 2/19) between 1-4pm.

Will these units sell at this price?


  1. I don't know the answer to whether those condos would sell at that price.

    I do know I would not pay anything near that price. A condo- especially a one bedroom condo- should never cost multiples of the average area income.

    At least there are lots of upfront discussions of prices and condo fees.

  2. Plus the neighborhood is sketchy.

  3. Yeah, the prices in DC all seem to assume that every neighborhood is going to be the next Georgetown. If this neighborhood (which I know nothing about) is the next Georgetown, maybe a one bedroom condo would be worth that much. But I'd rather the seller take more of that risk in the price than just the buyer.

  4. Maybe Marion Berry will buy it.

    He would feel comfortable with the bars on the windows!

  5. It may sell at close to listing. But that is not a safe neighborhood.