Saturday, February 11, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

At there is a new topic about the 'Spring Bounce' in the San Francisco housing market.

I know I had a link to the site during the week, but the David Lereah spoof is SO funny it is worth a repeat mention. Keep up the solid reporting Marinite. :-)

The DC Bubble has posted two interesting charts about the growing inventory in the Washington, DC area.

There are also links to some fascinating economic blogs further down on the right side of this page. Links to sites such as Angry Bear, The Mess That Greenspan Made and Calculated Risk.

Finally, Northern New Jersey Real Estate Bubble has a historic look at the "collapse of the 1980's real estate bubble. For those that don't know, the NY Metro area saw spectacular gains in real estate during the 80's. It, like all bubbles that came before it, collapsed just as spectacularly"

[It is snowing very heavily here in the Washington, DC metro area. I am planning an original piece for sometime tomorrow.]

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