Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Roundup

It's Super Bowl Weekend!

Here are some Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Detroit Links:

Detroit's Economy & Housing Market
Seattle Bubble Blog
Seattle Housing Index (OverValued Blog)
Pittsburgh Housing Index (OverValued Blog)
Bubble SuperBowl (OverValued Blog) [added later]

Go Steelers! I'm rooting for the non bubblicious metro area.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Seattle is very bubblicious. I blame Frasier and Microsoft for that.

  2. Los Angeles doesn't have a team so the super bowl bubble theory of who wins goes right out the window.

  3. would not be at all surprised if Seattle fell more than 29% (see "Over-valued).

    The in-city neighborhoods got a head start on a lot of the rest of the nation when the Microsoftees cashed out their stock options and began bidding up prices in the late 90's.

    Many of those neighborhoods, while pretty on the surface, are nothing more than petty crime pits- a lot of drug-realing and mugging, etc. Not the sort of place your average American wants to put down roots.

    You read about it all the time in the local papers (ie. "I wake up in the morning and my beautiful lawn is covered in barf from the drunks roaming the neighborhood the night before! Something's gotta be done!!" or "Woke up this morning and went out front to pick up the paper- a skuzzy drunk was sleeping on my beutiful new porch furniture!! Something's gotta be done!!)

  4. STEELERS WIN! The non bubblicious city beats the bubblicious city! Yipee!