Monday, February 20, 2006

Bubble Sphere Roundup

South Florida is very bubbilicious, especially the condo projects that are sprouting like weeds upon the Miami area skyline. That is why, the bubble sphere warmly welcomes a new blog called South Florida Real Estate Bubble. The local housing bubble blogs provide unique perspectives. In one post the blogger blogs "As I drive around town, there are more and more "For Sale" signs popping up. Reality is starting to sink in and as I predicted, those wanting to sell are getting somewhat antsy. The rush to the exitway has begun." Highly recommended.

Housing Panic has a few noteworthy posts including: 'Stand in line with 3,600 other dolts. "Win" lottery to buy a condo. Lose your shirt. Welcome to the new reality' and also 'Follow the vacancies... Good God, this is such obvious stuff. Housing Panic does a great job in weaving information together from various sources and thereby offering a more complete picture of the situation.

Want to see overpriced sh*tboxes? OverValued dishes out great examples of overpriced sh*tboxes available for sale to unsuspecting buyers, crazed speculators or people who just want to laugh at the bubble madness.

There are many other great posts being written by my fellow housing bubble bloggers. The links to other bubble blogs are located on the right bar of the page. A big hearty thank you to all the housing bubble bloggers who are shining the light on the speculative episode that is the housing bubble. :-)


  1. In dc today there are many, many for sale signs. The signs were prevalent in the 1990s, disappeared during the early 2000s and reappeared last summer

  2. Zak Re said...
    South Florida is alive and kicking.
    True, there are many listings around but more people are moving in from across the US and South America and Europe.
    Better deals for buyers !
    My team is ready.

  3. You don't have to look far to find an overpriced SHITBOX but if you do a little digging you can find a deal that's priced at or below market value. Realtors that purposely over price listings should be shot.