Monday, April 03, 2006

Lereah on February Pending Sales

Responding to February Pending Home Sales Data:

The Realtors' chief economist, David Lereah, said most of the cooling in the housing market has already happened.

"We can expect a historically strong housing market moving forward, earmarked by generally balanced conditions across the country and fairly stable levels of home sales with some month-to-month fluctuations," Lereah said.

"This normalization is healthy because it is taking a lot of the pressure off of the decision process for both home buyers and sellers -- pressure that was driving abnormal rates of price growth across much of the country over the last few years." Reuters 4/3/06


  1. The worst part is, he'll probably turn out to be right.

  2. LOL... David Lereah should read today's news. I think he is several planets away from the sentiment of lenders.

    who's got a guess for what Lereah's next career will be? Who will he be a spokesman for next?

    I think he would be a natural in the fertilizer industry.

  3. David Lereah is a shill and snake oil salesmen- who in a few short years will have about as much credibility of that noted Ivy League economist who said in 1929 'The stock market has reached a permanently high plateau'......