Monday, April 10, 2006

Lots of Rowhouses for Sale in Gentrified Neighborhoods in Baltimore


  1. Hopefully your newly rehabbed rowhome will come with a streetlamp mounted crime camera to help keep you safe.

    This Baltimore Sun article states there are 3000 new condos in the works. From the article:

    "I don't think Baltimore has the growth," he said, especially because the market has been so dependent on buyers and investors from Washington.

    "If the demand pool in D.C. starts to shrink, those waters will recede, and when those waters recede, what's left high and dry is Baltimore's CBD [central business district]."

  2. I think Baltimore is so vulnerable to the DC housing market. If prices fall in DC, you bet more buyers will snap up properties in DC proper at the expense of Baltimore.

    Second, Baltimore has a more serious crime problem than Washington, DC. Crime rates for homocides, drugs, assaults are increasing faster in Baltimore than Washington, DC.

    The school system in Baltimore is so corrupt and ineffective that it makes the DC public school system look like an efficient operation.

    Third, the Washington, DC economy could also effect Charm City. If the boom years of Homeland Security funding decline and a new administration slashes the federal budget (leading to job loss and business extinction), Baltimore will feel the pain too.

    If Washington, DC gets sick, the bug will eventually make Baltimore sick too.

  3. So how many is "lots of row houses"? More than 10% of the total supply? If not, no big deal.