Tuesday, November 20, 2007

California Prices Fall Significantly Year Over Year

"California home prices fell 12.7% in September from the year before, the nation’s biggest year-over-year price drop that month, according to the First American LoanPerformance Home Price Index released today. The index tracks more than 30 years of repeat sales transactions."

"Prices in the Los Angeles-Orange County metro area fell by 8.1% in September, sixth highest among the top 30 metro areas, the company reported. It was the eighth straight month that prices here have shown a year-over-year decline. The Inland Empire led the nation’s top 30 metro areas in price declines. Prices there fell 13.6% from September 2006.

"Seventeen states had price declines, LoanPerformance reported. Nevada had the nation’s second-highest price decline, with home prices falling 9.3%, followed by Florida (-8.2%) and Arizona (-7.4%). (Lasner on Real Estate Blog 11/19/07)"

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  1. Well, there's lies, damn lies, and then there's statistics. Those interested may want to compare 1st American's numbers with Dataquick:


    From DQ, also interesting to note sales volumes, which seem to be dropping far more drastically than median prices.