Monday, October 03, 2005

The flippers over at want to inform us all that 'Bubbles are for Bathtubs.' CondoFlip is headquarted in Miami Beach, FL. Go Figure. CondoFlip is still under the patent pending catgory. Will CondoFlip recieve their patent before or after the bubble?


  1. I think in years to come will be remembered as most symbolic of the bubble.

  2. David,

    I love the picture of the 20 something guy. He look extraordinarily serious for someone his age. He is so green, yet so confident, that I find it amusing. There were so many young people who got cought up in the internet bubble, that it just makes me kind of sad. I just wonder how many people's financial lives will be wrecked, for a long time, because of all this stupidity.

  3. _____________

    "Condo Flip™ franchises will be announced soon."

    Don't worry, I plan to stick with my Quiznos idea. People will still need to eat when the bubble finally deflates!

  4. I would agree with the writer above about the 20s something guy- bursting with testosterone- but too young to know anything about life, let alone economic mindfields of the current speculative era we live in. Time and mistakes teach us all.

  5. Carlton WainwrightOctober 05, 2005 12:35 PM

    Hello, back from vacation, the islands were great!

    Maybe the problem is that the bubble on your testosterone producing organs is deflated.

    Maybe you guys should go out into the woods with a campfire and bang on a drum to reclaim your manhood!

  6. Carlton

    Stock market down another 124 today, 250 for the week thus far- better get your vigara out- or better yet toss the slimey realtors license into the shredder.

  7. Carlton WainwrightOctober 05, 2005 5:33 PM


    What's your point, the market goes up, goes down in daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual cycles.

    Thank you for the Viagra offer, I don't want to take any of yours!

  8. Hey everyone (I am not the same anonymous who just posted) ....please take a look at my comments on David's Housing Stagnation/Deflation post. I really would like to get into some discussion of the points I have made because I think my thoughts go to the heart of the entire bubble debate.

  9. anonymous said:
    but it is not a reason ( based upon historical data) to not buy now....

    It is tough to time the stock market and the peak of the housing cycle, but I disagree about purchasing now...I have decreased my positions in both of these asset classes...What historical data are you referring to?

  10. to the economist: I have nothing to support my opinions other than what I have learned by closely following the Washington,D.C. market for almost 25 years. That is, basically, my "historical data". That said, I do believe that my points are valid. I have a degree in economics but would never consider myself to be an economist. Regarding my thoughts on the 3 types of purchasers and my discussion under David's Stagnation post; what are your thoughts? I know that no one has a crystal ball - but I don't see too much downside for regular homebuyers and long-term investors. In a bad market you sell your home at a discount but buy the move-up place at a discount. In a hot market you pay top dollar for the new house but receive top dollar for the old one. In both senarios it seems to be a wash. If the economists are right and rising interest rates will cause deflating real estate prices: this, too, will not hurt the fixed-rate homebuyer of today. The new neighbor who paid (hypothetically) 20% less may, in fact, have a higher monthly mortgage payment than the guy that happened to buy at the peak of this current cycle.

  11. Great pick up on the condoflippers. 20/20 featured them last night, and you could see they are preparing for the other side, and are putting together a fund to buy up the homes when they drop.