Saturday, October 22, 2005

Open Houses Tommorow

I usually find open houses off of, from Long and or from simply crusing around town. Which neighborhood should I go tommorow? Any open houses? I am open to suggestions. Thanks.


  1. i've been going through looking at "reduced" listings on craigslist. the common denominator among them is the same folks continue to put the same properties out there, but the price goes down each time they throw it out there. i've replied to a few of them to taunt, when it's evident that the seller is a flipper.

    there's some woman on there that is listing multiple properties in "cameron station" in alexandria. she doesn't identify herself as a realtor, so i presume it's an individual trying to attract attention to properties she's trying to get rid of.

    there's another schmuck on there that is listing a home built in 2005 located in haymarket, VA that's never been lived in. when that one initially listed on craigslist, the selling point was that there were homes in the area that were worth in excess of $1 mln, so this one was worth a look because it was "only" $850,000. over a month later it's now showing up around $700,000.

  2. I'd love to hear your impressions of inventory in Fairfax City.

  3. Check out the houses on 13th Place NE, between Michigan and South Dakota. There are several in the area which is a very nice area, but often forgotten since it's not officially Brookland, and Michigan Park doesn't hold as much cachet. I live on 14th, a block over. I do wonder what those houses are going for.