Sunday, October 09, 2005

Woodland Drive, Silver Spring, MD

There are a bunch of single family homes (SFH) available for purchase on Woodland Drive near the Beltway (I-495).

  • 9408 Woodland
  • 9410 Woodland
  • 9500 Woodland
  • 9503 Woodland

In the above picture, the sales signs for 9500 and 9503 Woodland Drive are visible.


  1. Again, nice neighborhood 20 years ago, but very high traffic and crime creeping closer would make me nervous about a 30 year contract or a high price. Four houses for sale on one street? Wow. I went down Colesville away from downtown, and saw a bunch of side streets with for sale signs up.

    I wonder if these sellers are long time residents getting out, or recent buyers trying to score a profit or get out without too much pain.

  2. excellent point on the above post- the traffic in that area is very congested, and crime could be increasing as well. The concept that that its either long term owners wanting out or recent buyers wanting to flip is excellent- I would not want a 30 year at that price and in that area.

  3. 9500 Woodland Seller Bought on 06/29/2005 Price: for $507,000
    Renovated it and put it for sale for 665K
    9503 Longtime owner

    9408: Bought on 06/17/2005 Price: $489,000
    9410 12/30/1983 Price: $84,000

    Here is where you can find that info:

  4. Like the guy who previously commented in an earlier blog said, reading about your local market is what I like best about your blog. Pictures/prices/length of time on the market give me a better feel of what is actually happening.

    Thanks, David.

  5. Great stuff. I've been looking in NW DC for sometime, but will not bite at these prices. I get 2-3 emails/week from PN Hoffman (the condo developer)- about "last chance to buy" that condo near U Street or Alexandria for $5xx K (all 1200 sq. ft). Its funny cause last year, it was hard to get into a preview party- this year, they can't sell them much. My question is- are new condo developers not allowed to decrease the price of the condo they are selling to- say- the 60th buyer if the first 10, 20, 30 buyers bought at a higher price before? I'm wondering why they just don't decrease the unit prices quickly. Any thoughts?

  6. recent purchases so it was-- all dressed up like lipstick on a hog- flippers looking for a fast buck- I wonder what soul will get sucked in...........

  7. Well, two were flippers and two were long time owners.

    If the results can be extended to the rest of the DC area (and they probably can't, but what the heck), then 50% of demand this year is from flippers. LOL. That won't last.

    Thanks for all the great posts from yesterday, David. Very interesting stuff.

  8. Carlton WainwrightOctober 11, 2005 12:44 PM

    Since I live in Fairfax, I'll be dicussing a restraining order with my attorney.

    Skyboy - Come to Butthead, I have property for you, many hogs and sheep with lipstick, Come to Butthead!

    Seriously though, I have seasonal parties for my staff, maybe I should invite you and David so you can taste what you are missing.