Thursday, October 20, 2005

Economic Storm & Natural Storm

The Mortgage Bankers Association's convention in Orlando is being threatened by hurricane Wilma. Here is a posting from their website:

Update on Wilma and the MBA Convention in Orlando As of 3:00 p.m. EDT, October 20. The MBA Convention will be taking place as scheduled October 23-26. We've been closely monitoring the track of Wilma. The facts being provided by the National Hurricane Center tracks the storm well south of Orlando with a higher probability of landfall between the Florida Keys and Miami which is over 200 miles south of where the convention will take place. At the current time, Orlando is not even listed on the National Hurricane web page with any percentage of probability of the storm being within 65 nautical miles. The higher probability percentages show Key West and Marathon, Florida which are far south of Orlando. Information also indicates it is expected to make landfall Sunday evening and will be out in the Atlantic by Monday morning. We'll continue to monitor the storm's track and if anything changes that would require us to reevaluate convention activities, we will notify members. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Perhaps, the bigger threat to the Bankers is the economic storm that is brewing and ready to strike in 2006. I'll be watching to see if at their convention the MBA recognizes the risks of the coming economic storm.

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  1. LOL. Splendid irony.

    I saw on the news last year that many of those who lost their homes in the hurricanes that hit Florida a year or two ago are still in trailer cities.... because the price of houses in the hurricane zone had gone up so much that they could not get back in.