Monday, October 17, 2005

Final Baltimore Post

Portugal Street Alley

Alley house being renovated

Interesting Street in Baltimore

Yes, I know that have posted so many pictures of Baltimore. Despite all these pictures, to get a true feel for the city one should drive and walk the streets. According to my friend "One reason people are drawn there despite the crime and bad schools is the accessibility to inexpensive culture, bars, and restaurants". While touring some of the open houses in Baltimore my friend ( who lives in Baltimore) chatted with some of the other Baltimore enthusiasts. They reveled in the 'charm' of the city. It quickly become a Baltimore Lovefest.

Baltimore is known as 'The Charm City.' Despite, the troubling crime and problematic school system, there is indeed much charm found in Baltimore's neighborhoods.


  1. No question B'more has some charm and some great things to see and do.

    But, there are two big negatives...

    1) lack of jobs

    2) high crime, and a lack of popular will to do what is necessary to stop it. Neighboring Baltimore County, for example, has low crime and has aggressive prosecutors and judges, but I doubt that would be politically feasible in Baltimore city.

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  4. I live 17 miles NE of Hartford CT- another city trying to rebuild. The new Convention center and 22 story Marriot opened a short while back, a new 34 story residential tower is going up, with renovations of 'charming' older buildings being made into luxury condo's. Also new contruction in luxury condo's going ahead as planned. Major redevelopment in the river front 'Adriens Landing'. Nontheless Hartford has a crime problem, and many rough neighborhoods. Plus there is little in the way of shopping- all malls and shopping are in the suburbs. Hartford with only 126,000 people is on a much smaller scale then Baltimore, but at this size the problems are daunting. Also as Baltimore job growth in the entire greater Hartford is slow.

  5. Don't be dissing Baltimore, 100K buys a lot more house there than DC. David, were you searching for drugs while taking those pictures?

  6. so here's the thing. I need to move to Baltimore soon. So where do I live and do I buy?