Sunday, October 09, 2005

Off to Open Houses

I am off to some open houses in my nieghborhood this afternoon. Above is an image I snapped ( with camera phone) while out on a bike ride this morning. Notice the two housing signs. In the evening, I will post a report on the open houses that I visited today. :-)


  1. I recall talking to a broker once, about the concept of open houses. She said she could not recall an instance in which an open house sold the home. But open houses have potential use for the agents who put them on, because it gives them potential customers who are not already working with another agent.

    When we sold our home, we specified no open houses. Didn't hurt a bit -- just kept the neighbors out.

  2. This is great. I see you have a lot of open house stuff for me to read. I was driving around today also, in Silver Spring, Langley Park, and Hyattsville. LOTS of open house signs visible from the main roads. I don't think I have ever seen some more. Anyway, let me get some popcorn and read what you have to say above.