Monday, October 17, 2005

Inventory Overload in Baltimore

Inventory is rapidly increasing in Baltimore, MD. On almost every block in the Butcher's Hill there was at least one house available for sale or rent.

Two houses for sales on South Chester in Butcher's Hill
( click on image for a larger version)

Here on the unit block of South Chester street there were 5 houses available:

  • 5 Chester St: 429K, 2BR 2 Bath
  • 8 Chester St: 449K, 3BR, 2 Bath
  • 20 Chester St: Available for rent
  • 23 Chester St: 399K, 3BR, 2 Bath
  • 26 Chester St: For Sale By Owner
Five houses on one block is an incredible amount. The Realtor admitted that there is much inventory to choose from in Baltimore.

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  1. Another interesting issue would be how much these houses cost four years ago.

    Hint: probably less than half, maybe less than a third.