Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bubble Meter Blog Mentioned By CBSNews

The Bubble Meter Blog was mentioned in a story by CBS News:

Are housing bloggers prematurely crying, "The sky is falling"? One blogger thinks so. Also, chatter heats up over ads on a new science blogging network, and a young entrepreneur blogs his fall from grace.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble…

If you follow real estate news – or track real estate blogs – trying to read the housing market tea leaves may appear to be about as useful as asking a Magic 8-Ball to Pedict whether the bubble will burst.

Does anyone really know?

Many bloggers think they do. For example, Bubble Meter, “a blog dedicated to the premise that there’s a housing a bubble in many locales in the USA,” features a photo from Northern Virginia with for-sale signs lining the street outside a condo Cnversion that sold in 2004. Wende Feller’s ominous Making a Killing in Real Estate blog tracks her progress as she writes a novel incorporating the housing bubble into the great American murder mystery. And numerous sites like The Bursting Bubble and Housing Panic are devoted solely to guessing when the housing bubble will burst.

But this week, bubble bloggers are being taken to task for their irrational exuberance ... or, “blogbooberance,” over the housing market.

The blogger pleads, “Please, the Fed, raise the blogging interest rates or constrict the blog money supply now.

Longorshortcapital bemoans “the emerging bubble in housing bubble blogs. These blogs, devoted to detailing the demise of the housing and refi boom, have begun to proliferate more quickly than Freedom Loans or all those anacondas I let loose in the Everglades in the 80’s.”

The Irrational Blogbooberance must stop now.” It might be a losing battle.

It is great to be mentioned in a news story by a large media operation. The proliferation of bubble blogs is a true reflection of the bubblicious situation occuring in many locales across the USA.


  1. Sounds like they are trying to discredit you. You "think" you know, etc.

    I think this shows that these blogs are having an impact, and the media would rather that they did not!

  2. Congratulations on your mention. Maybe someday soon you'll be interviewed on camera.

  3. Anon,

    Thanks for the comments. Those in the media have mixed feelings about the blogosphere. Here is a list of some of the attitudes:

    1) See it as a threat. Try and discredit it.
    2) See it as a threst. Ignore it.
    3) See it as complimentary and positive and work with the blogosphere when appropriate.

  4. Absolutely Bloggerific news David--Congrats!

    I think many uninformed folks feel the Blogosphere is just a bunch of useless information and personal rants.

    However, with the term "Housing Bubble" now making mainstream news, folks are becoming really curious and are begining to realize that quite a bit of research and work goes into making the housing bubble case... and the information is actually quite valuable.

    Regardless, this CBS news report will send quite a few new curious folks your way and many of them will soon become convinced...

    Congrats again... Randy

  5. David -

    Outstanding, I hope this is the just 1 second of your 15 minutes of Fame.

    Great job.


    The Real Estate Bloggers

  6. This blog is great. That picture of all those real estate signs reminds me a bit of Reno, NV where we had 500 houses on the market in 10/04 and 3500 houses sitting on the market by 10/05. We could have a blood bath here and the Reno Gazette Journal is mostly silent. But they cannot silence the blogs. Go bloggers.