Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend Roundup

Northern New Jersey Real Estate Bubble Blog - Reaches 100,000 hits. This is a huge accomplishment. Super blog. Lots of great information. Keen observer of the bubblicious episode. Keep up the solid work. Blog - The chatty style of this blog is terrific. The blogger writes " Thankfully, MSNBC's Bob Sullivan lays the smackdown. A bad loan is a bad loan no matter what part of the country you live in. One can only hope that the boom in the Midwest doesn't get all bubblicious," Why are there no comments allowed on this blog?

Marin Real Estate Bubble - Over here, Marinite takes a political stand over the issue of an open Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with a post titled
Power to the People. Marinite writes "this blogger supports the Open MLS Initiative. It's about time we put the power back into the hands of We The People. It would make more transparent the selling history of any address and thereby help reduce realtor shenanigans and general misuse of the MLS."

The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble - Has a great piece A Los Angeles Sampler. "I was on the west side this week and picked up a sheet advertising various "hot picks for '06. I've included some of the quotes from it here. However, I do not do so to prove how expensive housing is, but rather, to show the lengths that sellers have to go to in an effort to move these houses. These places are gems that not long ago would have been snapped up without the agent posting so much as a photo on a website. Now they buy newspaper ads, offer upgrades, and circulate fliers with photos. If there was any doubt, dispel it. LA is not a seller's market anymore"

Overvalued - A recently started blog. Great graphs showing housing prices in selected metro areas compared to inflation. Solid.

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