Sunday, January 08, 2006

Young Married Couple Caught up in Housing Bubble

A young recently married couple who I know recently graduated from the University of Maryland, Colleg Park. The wife has a degree in teaching, the husband has a degree in environmental science. Their original plan was to head south from Washington, DC to somewhere in Florida. She would teach and he would do water quality type environmental work down there. They arrived in Tampa / St. Petersburg area and became caught up in the real estate boom. They are now both residential real estate folks.



  1. Sadly, that's the way the whole country is now. Everyone thinks they will get rich selling real estate, webpages, and stocks to each other. They expect to retire at 40, having done nothing truly productive ever, while others serve them making $8 an hour.

    Culturally, the housing bubble isn't only about our corrupt policymakers. It is also about our own corruption as citizens.

  2. it's not the worst thing in the world. let's say the teacher earns twice as much right now and the scientist one and a half times as much. if they work for a year and then get laid off, they will probably come out ahead after all is said and done if you add up unemployment benefits, even if they can't find a job for 3-6 months.

  3. Hey Anonymous,,

    This is the land of capitalism...

    Don't be jeolous of those around you making all the money while you sit and complain...

    Go educate yourself and join the bandwagon.