Sunday, January 29, 2006

Update: 1817 D Street SE

The price on 1817 D Street SE has been lowered by a whopping 9,000 dollars to 590K. That is a price reduction of less then 2%.

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Update Post on Bubble Meter

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So will it sell at the new price of 590k?

NOPE. There is an open house today between 2 - 4pm.


  1. I get the visual impression of Daffy Duck with these guys, sputtering "soft landing, thoft landing" while reality has passed them by.

    IMO, they are going to need a real reduction to sell this turkey.

  2. only a fool will buy this for more than 230 k.

    of course, we still have few fools left

  3. The price has been lowered by a whopping 9,000 dollars

    I understand this comment to be sarcastic-relatively speaking 9K is not that much.

    But if you think about it, how many average Americans can save $9,000 dollars in say a year?

    With global competition, and the heavy taxes coming because of the retiring baby-boom generation, will Americans be in a better position to save that $9,000 in the future?

    We think $9K is not that much, but how about $600K+ houses?

  4. Seeing these same 2-3% "reductions" in Seattle (along w/ the occassional 7% or more).

    These 2-3 percenters are looking totally GUTLESS! (And of course, the properties don't sell because yes, a $9,000 reduction on a $600,000 house that really LOOKS like a $250K house isn't going to fool a lot of people).

    Cannot wait for sellers to roll their sleeves up and jump into the ring with some REAL reductions.

    It's going to be awesome to behold!