Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Relatively New Housing Bubble Blog

Check out the relatively new housing bubble blog called South Bay Beaches Housing Bubble . The blog description has "Hello, Bearmaster here, your humble reporter is standing with jaw wide open watching the astronomical bubbleminiums being built in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, with bubbleminium prices to match. I'll do my best to capture the real estate mania in my neighborhood."

Maybe there is a bubble of housing bubble sites?

Nah. Just a true reflection of the bubblicious situation occurring in many markets.

Welcome to the housing bubble blogosphere!


  1. Give me a bubble in housing bubble blogs rather than the bubble in the housing market.

    Great blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Each new housing bubble blog is like someone waking up in The Matrix. Wait for the flush...

  3. (Chuckle). Hi David and everybody, actually I have been around, very bearish, in a different form for a while, but thanks for the intro and the welcome to the housing bubble blog bubble.

    I have had several incarnations of a very bearish website called Beartopia for many years now. I had to shut it down in the spring of 2003 for various reasons but I resurrected the site quietly late last summer. I've had housing bubble newsfeeds going on since last summer, which I constantly try adding to, and recently I created this housing bubble education page. In addition to the housing bubble blogs I've been interested in bear markets and long-term cyclic booms and busts in general, and some of the links on ths page reflect that.

    I'm always looking for more housing bubble blogs to add to the clickable map, especially regional ones, so anybody who reads this feel free to let me know of more regional blogs that aren't already on the map.

    Thanks again for the welcome!

  4. eh. thank you for this thread.