Monday, January 09, 2006

Housing Related Sites

Bubble Info - The insider's guide to North SD County real estate. Just started.

Real Estate Advisor - A real estate google mashup. Pretty Neat.

Real Estate Decline - Lots of stuff on main page. Not well organized. New.

Outer Banks Real Estate - Ronnie is mortgage broker based in the Outer Banks. He agrees with me that 50 or 60 are a bad idea. :-)

Over Valued Blog - Lots of graphs. New Site.


  1. (I could not find your email on your site)

    Hi there,

    Hi, my name is Chris and I found you on DC Blogs.

    I am trying to collect blogging tips and tricks for a few workshops that I am going to be presenting for the Writer's Center next month and I would love it if you had any advice, tips, or tricks you might want to tell my class about blogging -- I will give you full credit...

    The workshops on blogging-for-writers in February at the Writer's Center (actually held at the Arlington Arts Center).

    Also, since you are in fact a DC blogger, I thought you might find this interesting -- not for yourself, probably, but maybe as something your friends or family might find interesting. The first one, Starting a Blog, isn't exclusively for writers but should be an excellent general introduction to blogging.

    Starting a Blog

    Blogs, Blogging and the Blogosphere

    Blog of Your Own, A: How to Write Your World

    If you are so inclined, I was hoping that you might blog about it.

    Also, feel free to keep in touch. I would surely like to meet more of my fellow DC-bloggers.



    Chris Abraham +1 (202) 352-5051
    AIM:ChrisPhur Skype: chrisabraham

  2. Billionaire investor George Soros gave a talk to an audience at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs on Monday January 9th.

    He believed the U.S. housing bubble, a major factor behind strong U.S. consumption, had reached its peak and was in the process of being deflated.

    He also mentioned that US recession may occur in 2007. But by then it will to late for the middle to lower income, as all the big players like himself would have got out long long ago.

  3. This realtor must be smokin crack to come up with the prices for the listings in clermint, fl.