Sunday, January 15, 2006

CNN: 5 slow-market strategies

CNN offers this advice for selling housing units in a slow market. "Sellers are having a harder time getting good prices for their homes. Even in the hottest markets, getting top dollar is a challenge when you don't have 20 buyers battling it out in a bidding war." It offers five basic pieces of advice to selling in a slow market:

  • Check your home's "curb appeal."
  • Clear the clutter inside
  • Don't skimp on look and feel
  • Adios Fido ( Clear bad smells , use air freshener"
  • The right person for the job
Perhaps the 'top dollar' that you expect is no longer realistic in the declining bubble markets. Reducing the price is a great option. Chasing prices downward is a losing strategy.


  1. Personally, before I buy a house, I would like the seller to write a 1,000 word essay about how they have taken care of the squirrels. I want to make sure I am moving into a home that is historically squirrel-friendly.

  2. yeah...I'll "take care" of the squirrels for you.