Monday, November 28, 2005

60 Minutes Piece on McMansions

Here is the link to the story 'Living Large'. Read it.


  1. These kind of things are getting depressing. Have you read Kunstler today? He is right. We are a nation of shortsighted fools. (He puts it more colorfully than I do). The energy bills for these things must be amazing.

    It is sad that we put so much energy into this kind of oneupmanship and so little into more important things. I don't begrudge people who really want these things and can pay all the real costs. But people who are doing it to show off, and borrowing to get it, are maybe just hopeless.

  2. Those houses have a lot of unused space. They would be better off with a really well built, beautifully furnished house of reasonable size. What a waste.

  3. Did anyone notice this story on the McMansions seemed to end abruptly? Seemed like a quick exit with no normal out from Safer.

  4. David

    I have a slightly different take on the whole Mc Mansion controversy, especially regarding the Chevy Chase scenario.