Saturday, November 05, 2005

Montgomery County, MD Inventory

Montgomery County, MD is a wealthy suburban county of Washington, DC. In a local the real estate company Levin All Stars writes "In a changing market where inventory is higher than it has been in the last four years, it is crucial to have THE neighborhood experts to guide you"

In the ad, Levin Stars, published information about the increasing housing inventory in this county.
Inventory is rapidly increasing in the Washington, DC metro area. It is refreshing that these real estate brokers are readily reporting this informarion to the public.


  1. I made a chart of median home prices for a few Maryland counties. The data is from the Maryland Association of Realtors.

  2. My two cents- I scoped out a condo in Ballston called Ballston 880 last sprint- $450K for 1 bedroom and den. Of course, many didn't bite at the price. Today, I laughed as I saw signs for that condo littered on Columbia Pike, about 4 miles away. Its getting drastic that you have to put signs out miles away!

  3. Very interesting advertisement and chart. Thanks Dave and Brad.