Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bubble Basics

In the vast majority of the bubble markets, price appreciation is either negative or is basically at zero.

  • Interest rates are rising
  • ARMs are adjusting
  • Property taxes are rising
  • High winter heating costs are coming
  • Housing inventory is building
  • New bankruptcy laws have been implemented
  • Increased minimium credit card payment are coming soon.
  • Housing bubble awareness is increasing
The housing 'loud hiss' continues to loudly hiss. The RE cheerleaders are claiming that the slowdown is seasonal. They are wrong.


  1. Yes to all of the items listed- they will but the cap on the housing bubble. Rising inventories, are key, if the continue into the spring, and are not reduced, look out below! Rising property taxes are going to be an unpleasant surprise for many, in areas like the DC area and metro NYC- Sure your house went from 250K 3 years ago to now over 500K- I am sure taxes have increased a fair amount to reflect this new value-but ouch! Would not want that new bill staring at me in January or July.

  2. I think "Awareness Increasing" is perhaps most important... Ponzi schemes die when people figure out it's a ponzi scheme