Thursday, November 24, 2005

DC: 7441 8th Street, NW

The house located at 7441 8th Street, NW is avialable for sale at 415K . It was bought on 04/15/2003 for 230K. "The home is semi-detached with 3 levels, including 3 bedrooms, a finished basement, one full bath and 2 half bath." It is located in an alright area in the northern part of the city ( proper ).

Will it sell in a resonable amount of time at this price? Probably not.


  1. Like everything else now on the market in most areas that have rapid appreciation, it will not sell quickly. It may be made more attractive if reduced sigificantly- but then it shows that it has become a buyers market, which includes stagnant or falling prices.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to David and all here!

  3. Not as outrageous as some houses in this area.

    If it were in perfect condition, I might pay $235,000 for it so the guy could get a $5000 profit. I'm feeling pretty generous.