Sunday, November 27, 2005

Local Realty Add

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  1. How confusing. What does he mean by that? "4-4 1/2 Percent full-service listing." Is the word "commission" taboo?

    What's up with all those "price includes" items? "Directional signals?" Is that what they call signs with arrows that say "open house?" Good Lord. "Directional signals." Then there's that "no administrative fees" claim. Isn't the commission the "Administrative Fee?" And what about that "FREE" moving truck? How big is it, and for what distance? I'll bet it's not cross-country free.

    And who's going to buy that "live chat 7 days a week" pitch? Live when? Whenever the agent logs on?

    Finally, the 1-percent kickback under the "New Construction" label. It says: "we give back to our buyers $500 per $100,000 of the purchase price from our commission on ‘resale’ homes. Hello? If it's a "resale" then it's not "new construction." And, read that last little bit, "based on 3-percent commission." So, does that mean "The Home of 4%-4 1/2% Full Service Listings" is going to take 3 percent of that commission and provide ONLY 1 to 1 1/2 percent to the buyer's agent? Hmm. I thought this was a BUYER'S market? So what BUYER'S agent is going to settle for THAT? And, what if the buyer's go with the same agent? Shouldn't the seller's kickback be based upon the FULL commission? You betcha.