Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NAR: Market-by-Market Home Price Analysis Reports

Check out NAR's Market-by-Market Home Price Analysis Reports. The really funny thing is they even use the url something ... pages/anti-bubblereports with the words 'anti-bubblereports.'

Much more to come on NAR's anti housing bubble reports. I have started to go through these reports. The housing bubble bloggers and readers must go through these misleading reports and point out the truth. The truth will prevail. Let freedom ring.

Note: Check out Detroit's report. LOL!


  1. David,

    One thing I noticed in looking at the anti-bubble report is that the price-income ratio seemed extremely low. Well, if you look at the table footnotes, the definition of income is "per capita income multiplied by the average number of people per home"!!! Logically, this means that a family with 4 kids is able to afford more house than a DINKY couple. Laughable at best...

  2. john,

    great find. :-) This is the stuff we need to find. We need to poke as many holes as possible in these bogus reports. The media is watching these bubble sites. Keep up the very solid work. :-)

  3. Will Do! I am a self-proclaimed bubble addict.

    BTW, I hate to advertise, but if you have any interest in The Fed and the massive credit bubble check out my blog: www.boycott-the-fed.blogspot.com

    I have zero readership but I enjoy it. I will definitely provide a link here on that blog.


  4. The NAR report is one of the funniest spin attempts I have ever witnessed, take a random walk through a few of the cities, from major bubbles like SD or Miami to the breadbasket, they all say about the same....the only way prices could decrease up to 5% max is if rates went up to double digits and employment numbers tanked....I think they left out a zero....as in 50%