Monday, November 14, 2005

Simulated Inventory Boom in Fairfax County

Housing Inventory for sale is up an incredible 122% in Fairfax County, VA ( DC suburb) in one year. The below images simulates the dramatic inventory rise in suburban DC. Please note that red dots do NOT represent actual location or the actual numbers of houses for sale.

Fairfax County, VA: October 2004
( 100 housing units for sale = baseline )

Fairfax County, VA: October 2005
( 222 housing units for sale = up 122% from October 2004 )


  1. Those include condos, right?

    The "they're not making more land" argument (i.e., that supply will be tighter in the future), is really belied by those charts.

  2. The inventory for 400K and under are actually low

  3. you have to wait till 600 k is reduced to 400k for that! spring 2007 may be!

  4. The increase in inventory reflects the wide spread media-caused-panic to a possible "Bubble Burst" that I like to call the "Martha Stewart Effect". Hurry up and sell now because you just found out that your neighbor is going to!