Monday, November 21, 2005

Web Traffic Increasing on Bubble Meter Blog

The above graph shows that traffic has been increasing during the past 4 weeks on this blog. Thanks to all my readers for reading and posters for posting.


  1. David

    the word is out, for this blog and the others as well. People want objective information regarding purchasing property- and do not want to get burned-its sad that many have and will overpay, and will be hurt. Hopefully by reading this blog, they will 'educate' themselves.

  2. David -- does your "returning visitors" count register only if we post?

  3. Duuuhhhhhh -- after using my magnifying glass and seeing that returning visitors are 2K+, obviously a post is not necessary. I'll have the humility not to delete my stupid question and hide my shame.

  4. chip. You rock. It registers you as a returning visitor if you have not deleted the cookie on your computer.

  5. just wait...

    100 Million homeowners, 2000 visitors

    Long way to go