Thursday, December 29, 2005

UPDATE: 1817 D Street SE

1817 D ST SE still has not sold. It was justed posted on Craigslist.

Maybe a Craigslist buyer will be fooled? NOPE.

The price NEEDS to be LOWERED.


  1. Nothing wrong with that townhouse. It's a nice, working class townhouse in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. If he lowers the asking price to (not by, but to) $120K, I might take a look to consider putting in a lower bid.

  2. Addendum- he does have a nice hat.

  3. The add says, "Motion detectors and a security system are installed.." Thank goodness! What a deal...

    One should have no trouble finding a comparable rental for $1,800 a month, in a better corner of that neighborhood!

  4. Or even less. $1800 a month can get you a much better deal in a better neighborhood if you want to rent.

  5. Ever notice how some realtors seem to exaggerate all their listings, soon losing all credibility - or maybe these are the only realtors willing to take on the job of selling not-so-desireable properties at their owners sky-high asking prices?

    There are these realtors on in DC that I won't name, but you can pretty much tell who they are by observing that their listings are made out to be the best thing since sliced bread and the best bargain since the Louisiana Purchase.

    BTW - David,

    These individual examples of specific properties over time is something that can be found on no other blog - it's great. Thanks for sharing your findings.