Sunday, December 18, 2005

Baltimore's Butcher's Hill Neighborhood

I was back in Baltimore today. In the Butcher's Hill and Upper Fell's Point neighborhoods there are so many rowhouses for sale. There really is a glut.

The image on the left shows two rowhouses for sale, one on each side of the street. The little alley houses that are nicely renovated ( hardwood floors, granite countertops etc.) are going between 170K - 220K.


  1. I guess people don't walk that street after dark -- I wouldn't.

  2. maybe thats why it got the name "Butchers" hill. I wouldn't either

  3. Butcher's Hill is one of the safer neighborhoods in the city.

  4. Does anyone know about the Gwynn Oaks/Forest Park area in Northwest Baltimore City?
    I've looked at some houses in this area, it doesn't seem that bad. If its not more
    dangerous than Prince Georges county I would buy a house there.

  5. Last year, when I was looking at these types of shell properties in B'more (okay...I was smoking crack!), I was told one of the biggest problems in rennovating these homes is that common theifs and drug addicts steal your construction material/fixtures/brick and sell them to get high or for other needs.

    And another story I heard was how drunk some of the construction crews are in B'more. One developer told me he would park down the street to pick up his contractors and call them- if they couldn't walk straight to his car, he'd leave them behind cause they were too drunk.

    Hyperbole/urban myth- but some truth to issues that prevented me from buying in B'more.