Friday, December 16, 2005

Speculator Shenanigans in Baltimore

Baltimore is bubblicious. Check out the Craigslist Baltimore Real Estate Section.

How about this post:

$11900 - West Side Rehab opportunity ARV $70K
"Great Rehab in upcoming sandtown -This 3 bed/1 bath rowhome offers a medium to light rehab with duct work, furnace and hot water tank already in place. Estimated cost of repairs $5K. This unit can be rented for $850/month or sold after rehab at $75K"

Really? If this is really such a fantastic money maker, why are you selling at this price?

It is too good to be true. Healthy skepticism.


  1. It looks from the photo like the houses on either side are boarded up. This is never a good sign. But you've gotta love the formstone.

  2. There is no such word as bubblicious - but I know preciselously what you mean