Friday, December 09, 2005

Henson Ridge Development in Washington, DC

Like many other areas, there is a lack of affordable housing ( especially to buy) in the Washington, DC area. The picture on the left shows a small part of Henson Ridge development area. The DC Housing Authority (DCHA) worked with private developers to develop this huge property. The area is located in the Southeast quadrant here. Alsoall those apartment buildings around Stanton Road, 15th Place, Bruce and Robinson Street were knocked down and will be a part of the developement area.


  1. I hope it is a good deal offered to the prospective buyers, i.e., not one that puts them in huge debt.

    The other irony is that if you are making a decent (i.e., average to slightly above average) income in many of these bubble areas, you don't qualify for the low income stuff but your only other option is to "buy" something you can't really afford.

  2. Decomposing corpse of a 16-year old boy from this development was just discovered by police in a south east DC apartment building. His identity is given as: Deonte Payton of the 1800 block of Frederick Douglass Place SE.

    Washington Post reports, Body found in Southeast D.C. identified as teenager.

    Police are asking anyone with information to please call 202-727-9099 or 888-919-CRIME (888-919-2746). Or, if you want to send an anonymous tip, you can do it by phone at 866-411-TIPS - or text message 50411.