Saturday, December 31, 2005

Comments are Encouraged!

It is wonderful to read all the intelligent and insightful comments that are posted by the readers. Thank you. I and other readers do learn a tremendous amount from you all. :-) Keep posting those comments!

P.S. I have some 'juicy' stories and pictures coming up soon. Stay tuned.


  1. David

    you do a great job here- and I truly feel welcome on the this blog. The others who post here also provide great insight and information.

    In 2006- best to you and everyone here.

    As for me in this turn of the year- I feel vindicated re; the housing bubble, for it was a long time before these blogs existed, that I belived that such a bubble was in fact forming.

    What is next? Who knows- but one thing is certain- thus far, you and we here have been right- the pollyanna bulls, and naysayers of 6 months ago who predicted a 'never ending' housing boom, are beginning to have been proven wrong- it does feel sweet to you and us does it not? Carry on in 2006...

  2. Here's something interesting about the Northern Virginia market that I just discovered tonight. I hadn't really paid much attention to the rental market but tonight I saw an ad for a short term rental of a 5 bedroom house in McLean. That seemed kinda odd to me so I checked the tax assessment record of the house. What a surprise! The guy bought the house in the fall of 2005 for $1.5 million! The list date on the rental was 12/6/05 so I am assuming he tried to sell it first and is now trying to rent it until he can re-list in the spring. The description said the rental price had been reduced (it is currently $4,000). Once I saw that, I did a quick search for rentals and checked the tax assessment records of 5 of them. 4 of them had been purchased in the fall of 2005 and 3 of them said short term rental wanted. I had a feeling there would be a glut of houses in the spring but this is actual evidence! Also the rental market is soft (has been for the past couple of years). So if these people can't find a renter, they may end up listing earlier. Should be interesting to see!

  3. Here in Florida, I've seen a number of condo flippers go For-Sale, then For-Rent, then For-Sale again. I suppose that when you're panicky, the fact that such is obvious doesn't matter much.