Friday, December 09, 2005

Reader's Choice

What do the reader's of the blog want to hear about?

Post your requests in the comments section.


  1. For me, the best thing about housing blogs are the anecdotes and specific examples. The larger macro stuff is interesting, but gets repetitive after a while. The social details interest me personally more. Just my opinion.

  2. As the previous reader mentioned, I am interested in specific details, especially details of a particular house that is tracked from initial market listing to a sold date (with final price, and any concessions made).

    So that's a tally of 2 for specific local examples:

    Specific Local Examples: 2
    Macro Economic Analysis: 0

  3. I'd like you to follow 3-4 houses that are just listed.
    When was it sold last, is it owned by an investor, is it being reduced, how busy are the open houses, how many other houses are in the same subdivision etc.

  4. I want to hear about H St. NE
    Is really it going to be the "new" Logan Circle?

  5. I'd like to hear about the current state of the market in teh nicer neighborhoods - Dupont, Kalorama, Georgetown, and Logan. I have a rental condo in Dupont that I bought four years ago that I will list in March 2006. Thanks for your reporting. I think you do a good job showing all the craziness while maintaining some balance.

    FYI, DC market statistics show that median and mean sales prices in DC hit an all-time record in November. I don't think the market has collapsed yet. Based on anecdotal info, including your posts, it seems the suburban market is having trouble, as is the new condo market and upgraded working-class single family / rowhouse market, especially in transitional neighborhoods.

    Take care...