Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Holidays & Schedule

The holiday is season here. Bubble Meter will be posting through the holidays. Expect less posts. I have some 'interesting' posts planned for the holiday season. Including, I will be in the Chicago area over New Year's and will be reporting from there.

Happy Holidays!

For those who celebrate:

Christmas; Merry Christmas!
Chanukkah; Happy Channukkah!
Kwanzaa; Happy Kwanzaa!

For those who celebrate something entirely different happy other holiday to you.

Enjoy relax. Happy Holidays!


  1. I don't celebrate Christmas, but Merry Xmas to ya. Or Happy Holidays!

  2. I don't celebrate Hannukah, but Happy Xhuh to you, or Happy Xzaa, as appropriate.

  3. Typo: Xkuh, not Xhuh.

    This is picky as all getout, but for me, Happy Holidays is Thanksgiving or Veterans day -- guess we all have our our favorites. I'm saving a lot of money by shifting my shopping accordingly.

    May we all enjoy affordable housing in the ney year or 2007.