Friday, December 30, 2005

Live from Chicago

I just arrived in Chicago on vacation. My family and a bunch of my friends live here.

According to the OFHEO 3Q 2005 Report the 5 year price appreciation for homes in the Chicago area was 47% and the one year rate stood at 9%.

Is Chicago a bubble market?

More investigation to follow. :-)


  1. David, according to an article at CNN business last evening see;
    Chicago is 21% overpriced- I would think that the windy city is in a bubble.

  2. And David, hate to step on your vacation, but you might have a peak at this morning's post. There is an article on yesterday's NAR report that goes on to cite some examples of trapped DC-area sellers, including the president of NAR himself!! Too funny!

  3. dc_too,

    Thanks. I posted the link as a new entry.

  4. Hey David! GO enjoy your vacation. :) You crack me up. Posting on vaction.

    Cole @ The Boy in the Big Housing Bubble

  5. Cole Kenny,

    I may have a blogging addiction. Hmm. No more posts today.

  6. David

    Happy New Year- you have the best blog of all!

    Enjoy the Windy City......


  7. David-
    No! No! Don't stop posting!! I have been waiting for news of the Chicago housing crash! My house crash city of interest is Seattle but after a little bit of research I've come to the conclusion that Seattle is tanking big right after Chicago.
    So PLEASE: anecdotal Chicago evidence??!! Anyone??!!

  8. I don't think Chicago is in a bubble anymore than the rest of the country. The prices didn't double the last 5 years like in California, Nevada, Florida.
    I think people in Chicago are smart enough to not allow 30% increase in houses prices YOY and they don't have the get rich quick mentality of the people in states mentioned above.