Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DC Area Real Estate Databases

District of Columbia ( DC )

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Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County SDAT Real Property Search By Property Sales


Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation

Note: If anyone has the urls for real estate databases for the DC suburbs in Virginia please post. Thanks.


  1. Fairfax County's assessment site. They surely don't go out of their way to attract attention to it.

  2. very cool..tracks sales..notice the 25th percentile is going down 10k a month:

  3. These links are very cool.

    The house you've been blogging about at 8300 Hartford apparently sold for $403 at the beginning of 2004, so even at $550 or so that would be a tidy profit.

    It says that the 1608 Noyes house you blogged about that just sold for 470K went for 108K in 1998. That doesn't really sound right...23% appreciation per year for 7 years??!!!

  4. It is correct. This part of Silver Spring, is a significantly nice now then 7 years ago. The nearby downtown Silver Spring has been revitalized thus driving up nearby prices. Nevertheless, the appreciation has been tremendous.

  5. David-

    rents in Silver Spring have not gone up as much as sales prices.

    The rents are probably a more accurate indicator of what the actual sentiment about the new Silver Spring is.

    And that sentiment is probably at least a little too optimistic anyway. Although right now, downtown Silver Spring is very nice, I am not sure I would like to make a huge leveraged bet that it is going to stay that way for 30 years, especially with rising and record crime a few miles away in PG County.

  6. Here are the other close-in jurisdictions in VA:



    Falls Church: