Friday, December 09, 2005

Rowhouse in Tinidad for Sale

Offered at 307K, this 3br 1ba rowhouse located in the Trinidad neighborhood in Washington, DC is still sitting on the market after a minor price reduction from 312K. The house "Needs updating and TLC." For those who do not know Trinidad is a high crime area. There has been a very very minimal amount of gentrification.

When the price of this rowhouse was 312K someone on craigslist wrotes "Just a brief request--the non-stop, multiple times a day posts for the tenement building in Trinidad have become beyond annoying and need to stop. Obviously the property is not generating any interest at the low low price of 312K, so either cut the price or pull it off the market. You are not doing the seller any favors by repetitively spamming the property day after day. " LOL! Now it is priced for 307K.

Will it sell for 307K?

Probably Not. The price needs to be reduced further.


  1. This is absolutley ridiculous. The house probably needs a gut renovation, so you'd end up spending $450,000 for a house built for late 19th century brick factory workers. Great.

    David, you are good. I wonder if that "I Street, NE" house you posted earlier ever sold. I'm trying to decipher which of these two is in a worse neighborhood. I think you should anoint one of these listings as the Poster Child of the DC house bubble.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. "I'm trying to decipher which of these two is in a worse neighborhood."

    Trinidad is a worse neighborhood then the house on I Street. Th I street house is in a neighbvorhood that has more gentrification potential.

    A poster child of the DC housing Bubble? Great idea.

  3. Frankly I feel that price is totally silly. In a high crime area- needs updating-please. If this place is an indication of a bubble, then nothing else is.

  4. selling at this price? NOOOOOO

    ..may sell for 160,000 though, if someone wants to infest it..