Monday, July 24, 2006

Bubble Meter Criticism of the National Association of Realtors Quoted in Washington Post Express

Bubble Meter was quoted in today's (pdf) edition
of the Washington Post Express.

---------------------Washington Post Express Piece---------------------

Renters Will Get Ebola!

"Is there really anywhere in the U.S. where annual rent costs more then seven times what owning costs? Not sure how they come up with these numbers. This pure deception ..... The National Association of Realtors is a harmful organization."


Bubble Meter will continue fighting the National Association of Realtors, as they need to be exposed for their deceptive ways. Bubble Meter will continuing fighting the good fight!


  1. Nice job David! Any interesting visitors to your blog recently via Statcounter?

  2. You know, if this were 10 or 20 years ago (for that matter, even just a couple of years ago) NAR would have been able to get away with this nonsense.

    Makes you realize just how beneficial the internet (and blog sites like Bubblemeter) is in terms of bitch-slapping organized interests like NAR when they produce such blatant fraud and decepitions.

  3. Excellent. Keep up the good work. The truth is ugly but it must be told.

    Remember, the NAR has billions of reasons to keep unsuspecting consumers buying homes at any price (see link):

    The NAR has shown time and time again that its agents' commissions come before providing sound, reliable advice to home buyers.

  4. Everyone knows it costs seven times more to rent than to buy. That is why only the poor can afford to rent. Otherwise, why would they call them "bitter renters"? Buy now or you will never be able to buy. :D

    P.S. Don't point out the RE industrial complex lies or they get cranky. It is now a "normal" market. Nothing out of the ordinary, move along.

  5. the market is always going to be normal or great according to the NAR.
    it's kinda like my last visit to wendy's..they got rid of 'small', you can only get a medium, large, or biggie. americans dont like small or bad. everything is always big and great and happy...teletubbies, yippy

  6. The market is us. In other word as you must well understand by creating expectations you can manipulate the market.

    The NAR manipulated it up, you are trying to manipulate it down.

    I like the NAR believe that $1000 rent for every $210000 in house value is the breaking point.

    I owned a house that I had a hard time renting for $2K when I was offered $950K for it.

    I put $700K in the bank and retired. I am thankful for real estate which allowed me to retire almost 10 years earlier than expected.

    People, do the math and come up to your own decision. Remember though that all you read here or there is just more attempts to manipulate.

    You have to see beyond the smoke screen of the NAR and of the Bubbleologists.

    Good luck.

  7. waiting for godotJuly 24, 2006 4:22 PM

    "People, do the math and come up to your own decision"

    Probably one the more reasonable arguments on this the end, it is all a gamble to a certain degree.

    Some people, like Lance and myself, cashed out a substantial portion of their stocks in 2000 and used the money to buy a house, and further parlayed that money.

    Others were paper millionaires only to ride the bubble all the way down. Getting back on their feet, they managed to buy a house mid-way through the up-cycle. They may very well be the ones to lose again.

    Timing, though sometimes not possible to pick, can have a huge impact on your future (re: your cash out and $700k nut)

    Greed and ignorance are expensive traits.

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